Arabic keyboard

Arabic keyboard Online:

What is the arabic keyboard ?

The arabic keyboard is an arabic transliteratin system that transforms your keyboard typed characters to arabic equivalents so you don't have to use a physical keyboard with arabic keys if you need to write some arabic text.These kind of virtual keyboards are used in the arabic world ...

The majority of the traffic coming to this website come from Google and Yahoo with tags and keywoards such as online arabic keyboard or virtual keyboard.Also there are some french  keywords that drive traffic such as clavier arabe en ligne or claver arabe ,there is certainly a typo error in the french word claver.definitly the user writes claver and means clavier which is the equivalent of the word keyboard in english.

When to use arabic keyboard ?

You can use the arabic keyboard in many situations such as:
When you don’t have a real physical arabic keyboard .
You are a traveller and you visit countries where there are no arabic keyboards.
If you want more security when typing your sensitive data such as passwords .
In general virtual keyboards are used for ensuring security when you are online.Hackers use different techniques to steal your sensitive data such as passwords and other informations so if you even own an arabic keyboard but want more security when typing your data online you can use an arabic keyboard to type your arabic data.

Arabic keyboard to write Arabic texts:

If you arabic key board to help us improve this virtual Arabic keyboard, add or modify any arabic keyboard, do not hesitate to google arabic key board on this page. Arabic keyboard.

arabic keyboard online , you can use this keyboard online for free , you donot need to download an keyboard for you camputer or install software in you camputer or laptop , you donot have to buy keyboard stickers that can cost you allot of money  , just use this smart keyboard tool online , type ine the text area and press in to google or youtube to search  , as simble as that smart arabic keyboard yamli arabic keyboard google arabic keyboard if you would like to search in arab google or gogle then use his arab key board or arabickeyboard

Using the arabic keyboard Desktop app for Windows and Linux

In case you don't have a permanent connexion to Internet ,you can also use our Desktop application which offers you a virtual arabic keyboard so instead of using the online service you can use the offline Desktop app . In this tutorial i'll show you the necessary steps that you need to perform to download and install the Desktop lets start .

How to Use The Google Keyboard on Your Samsung Android Device

In this post i'm going to show you how to use the Google Android keyboard(Created by Android team) instead of Samsung keyboard on your android device.


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